Thursday, 20 August 2015

First Ever SUNSUL Technology Plant to Set-up in Punjab

In an effort to introduce SUNSUL Technology in India, Navrattan Group recently addressed a Government of Punjab delegation lead by Honorable Deputy Chief Minister of Punjab Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal in Budapest, Hungary. Our company, Navrattan Green Power Corporation Limited (NGPCL) in collaboration with Fakon Vallalkozasi of Hungary is introducing an innovative renewable energy technology in India for the very first time. Mr. Badal immediately gave in his principle approval for establishing our very promising SUNSUL Technology which produces electricity by using industrial waste as feed-stock. The system is first of its kind in the whole world and the project is set to bring revolution in the renewable energy business.

After spending quality time and discussing future prospects with Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal i must say that he is a visionary leader who leads from front and is performance oriented. Our country needs such visionaries and far sighted leaders like him. Big thinking precedes great achievements and I can see Punjab as a world class state in years to come.

The innovation is a renewable energy project which uses industrial waste to generate power. The set-up utilizes S8 (industrial waste material) which is heated using Solar energy and is converted into S2 which in turn releases immense amount of energy. This massive energy creates extreme high temperature of approx. 900 degree Celsius. The high temperature piping transfers this heat to water and the steam thus produced runs the turbines and the generator producing electricity. The Sulphur used in the process cools down very slowly and the system can thus produce power even after the sunset.

This novel project offers some great advantages over the conventional Solar PV energy generators. The SUNSUL technology produces a higher efficiency amounting to 60% as compared to 18% of Solar PV, thus resulting in cost effectiveness.

Mr. Laszlo Pakh, the Managing Director of Fakon Vallalkozasi assured the Deputy CM of Punjab to install a 1MW capacity power renewable energy plant using the company’s patented invention in Punjab within the next six months. Navrattan Green Power Corporation Ltd. is planning to establish more such energy generation plants in the country and benefit the mankind. The very promising project would usher in a new revolution in the renewable energy business in Punjab.

Our business group is dedicated to bring forward novel technologies to give an alternative to conventional ways of energy generation thus benefiting the mankind and the nature by promoting ’GREENER, CLEANER and BETTER TOMORROW’.

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