Thursday, 20 August 2015

First Ever SUNSUL Technology Plant to Set-up in Punjab

In an effort to introduce SUNSUL Technology in India, Navrattan Group recently addressed a Government of Punjab delegation lead by Honorable Deputy Chief Minister of Punjab Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal in Budapest, Hungary. Our company, Navrattan Green Power Corporation Limited (NGPCL) in collaboration with Fakon Vallalkozasi of Hungary is introducing an innovative renewable energy technology in India for the very first time. Mr. Badal immediately gave in his principle approval for establishing our very promising SUNSUL Technology which produces electricity by using industrial waste as feed-stock. The system is first of its kind in the whole world and the project is set to bring revolution in the renewable energy business.

After spending quality time and discussing future prospects with Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal i must say that he is a visionary leader who leads from front and is performance oriented. Our country needs such visionaries and far sighted leaders like him. Big thinking precedes great achievements and I can see Punjab as a world class state in years to come.

The innovation is a renewable energy project which uses industrial waste to generate power. The set-up utilizes S8 (industrial waste material) which is heated using Solar energy and is converted into S2 which in turn releases immense amount of energy. This massive energy creates extreme high temperature of approx. 900 degree Celsius. The high temperature piping transfers this heat to water and the steam thus produced runs the turbines and the generator producing electricity. The Sulphur used in the process cools down very slowly and the system can thus produce power even after the sunset.

This novel project offers some great advantages over the conventional Solar PV energy generators. The SUNSUL technology produces a higher efficiency amounting to 60% as compared to 18% of Solar PV, thus resulting in cost effectiveness.

Mr. Laszlo Pakh, the Managing Director of Fakon Vallalkozasi assured the Deputy CM of Punjab to install a 1MW capacity power renewable energy plant using the company’s patented invention in Punjab within the next six months. Navrattan Green Power Corporation Ltd. is planning to establish more such energy generation plants in the country and benefit the mankind. The very promising project would usher in a new revolution in the renewable energy business in Punjab.

Our business group is dedicated to bring forward novel technologies to give an alternative to conventional ways of energy generation thus benefiting the mankind and the nature by promoting ’GREENER, CLEANER and BETTER TOMORROW’.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Roman Cement India Introduces Green Pollution Free Cement Additives

Rapid commercialization and industrialization has led to reduction in forest areas. The result is that today everyone is battling some or the other environmental hazard. Focus and stress is given to turning into more pro-environment methods of production. The aim is to ensure quality production but without harming or disturbing the nature. 

In such times when huge corporate and multinationals are working hard to integrate environmental friendly methods of production, Roman Cement Products Pvt. Ltd is making a great contribution. The company is known in the market to dedicating itself in making environmental sustenance their foundation as part of the corporate mission. 

The company has adopted methods that do not harm the environment with the ways of production designed to be sensitive to environmental needs. It does support and propagate use of green construction materials. 

The additives that are manufactured by the company are qualitatively at par or superior to the performance description of the Portland cement. The product has been certified to ASTM C595 “Standard Specification for Blended Cements” by two independent laboratories. The laboratories tested Roman Cement design blends using rapid freeze-thaw testing (ASTM C 666) and deicer scaling conflict testing (ASTM C 672) to find the subsequent outcomes:

• Concrete mixtures utilizing Roman Cement’s design mixes did not require air entrainment or moist curing (only air curing), yet were as durable as the control concrete specimens they were tested against

• Roman Cement concretes had significantly lower chloride ion permeability denser than the control concrete specimens

• The concrete specimens containing Roman Cement’s additives had a higher compressive strength; 7,410 pounds per square inch (PSI) versus the 5,140 PSI achieved by the control specimens, and did not show any signs of reduced resistance to chemical attack

Roman cement additives are prepared principally from waste by-products generated by other industries. These by-products would by and large be dumped into the landfills such as fly ash and granulated slag.

Contrasting to Portland cement, the manufacturing of Roman Cement’s additives does not have need of the use of energy demanding large kilns thus, reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions generated through the production of Portland cement on a pound-for-pound basis.

Roman Cement design mixes are a lot stronger than the usually produced cement products as there is no thermal cracking involved in the making process. In fact the workability of the design mixes are equivalent to those accomplished by Portland cement. Eliminating use of caustic chemicals, Roman cement additives do not require accelerators during the hardening phase. The mixes set quickly and proficiently as there is only need for limited cooling during large pouring. Roman Cement additives work well with Class C and Class F quality of fly ash and it has been tested and proved. 

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Government and Companies Switching to Green Construction Trends in India

Going “green” has been one of the most noticeable trends in the construction industry in India  since the past few years. With the dawn of the 21st century, construction companies, whether small or big, have become more cautious about adopting green practices to build Eco-friendly buildings. Navrattan Infra Private Limited is one such infrastructure development venture in India which has made conscious effort to implement Eco-friendly infrastructure, which has immense scope and relevance in the present scenario.

As of today, all infrastructure projects in India are required to furnish an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report to seek approval from the government of India. Likewise, the developmental projects have to acquire the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) consent to commence work. It raises our concern to know that over the years the EIA norms have been modified to accelerate the approval process leaving behind the environmental concerns linked with infrastructure development.

Social scientists and economist all over the world are pushing for adoption of “green” practices in infrastructure projects to protect the environment. Green infrastructure development is essential to ensure overall India’s economic growth. Even after 68 years of independence, India is still lagging behind many countries of the world in quality infrastructure growth. Despite this a large number of infrastructure companies are adopting energy-efficient technologies and using Eco-friendly cement and other materials for construction purposes.

Also, the growing concern amongst the construction companies the authorities have become more conscious about the importance of sustainable resources for future. To add to it, the industry players are finding green practices  to be more commercially viable option as they are now able to curb escalating costs of construction

Founder & Chairman of Navrattan Group

Friday, 13 February 2015

5 Reasons to Buy Local Hand Made Indian Products

India is a home to a wide variety of handcrafted items in artists’ studios, factory showrooms, department and hardware stores in all the important cities. You can buy these hand-made products for your own-self or as a token of love for your near and dear ones. More people are getting conscious regarding personal and business practices that are Eco-friendly, planet sustainable and green. We are looking closer at the smaller things that can make a positive impact on our life on this planet for both the present and the future. By implementing these small changes in our lifestyle choices we can have a positive impact on the health of our planet in a great way.

  1. Traditional craft men are trained in their art for many years and they acquire skills and pass them from generation to generation. They are professional in their field and are innovative to bring more new features to their products. It is good to see that some ancient craft making techniques are still being followed without many changes.
  2. Most Hand Made goods are of a more qualitative nature, which means you, will have them for years to come. If you are trying to save money, a better quality product, even at some extra cost, will eventually save you money in its keeping. Cheap is always expensive!
  3. Supporting your local craft and hand-made community will produce more jobs for the unemployed. Simply, the more people buying hand-made products the more people will make hand made products. As the demand for more qualitative, locally sustained, hand made goods the greater the supply, and the greater the increased competition, the greater a competitive price will follow.
  4. Most of the local artisans and craftsman still prefer to use local based products. They aren’t relying on much gas fueled shipping as well as foreign harvested raw material which in turn helps to grow the value of Indian currency ans is also more environment friendly.
  5. Craftsman take pride in the quality of their products. When a craftsman creates an item, you can be rest assured of the time, talent, thought and energy that goes into its creation. Great effort has gone into each individual piece-making certain every one is lovely and of the highest quality and brings positivity to your home.
So, as much as possible we should buy and support our traditional ways of making things to keep up the spirit of the craftsmen and contribute to the mother nature in a positive way.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Online Marketing and Its Benefits

Online marketing has become one of the most important proponent of any business whether big or small. Online marketing helps to reach a wide range of people of all ages all over the world speedily and at a very low cost. Out of all other medias of marketing online marketing is one such reliable and easy choice to make. Even after the initial sale, it is also how one keeps the clients coming back. Through online marketing software it has become a very easy task to keep record of all client and build stronger relations with them in future. Here i am discussing with you certain benefits that you can avail through this medium of marketing.

Reach larger market with effective campaign tracking: Having ones own website is an essential part of online marketing. Having a company website will allow people to come to it and check out the products and the services and access information to learn about the brand at any time of the day from any part of the world. Apart from having ones own website, utilizing other internet tools like SEO, SMN, blogs and forums are also an effective way  to draw audience to your product. Tracking your online performance through many available online analytic tools lets you plan your course of action on the internet.

Flexible and Cost Effective: The flexibility that online marketing offers is unsurpassed. You can easily update and amend your material for your campaign at any time of the day from any part of the world. You can control what you want your readers to read about you. On the contrary it is not possible to pull back magazine or newspaper ads once they are already out there. Plus advertising on the internet is cost-effective and offers value for money.
Target Audience: Another good thing about having online representation for your company is that you can specify a target market. You can easily conduct surveys and choose the kind of audience from all over the world and optimize your content to make it accessible to them and to the search engines. You can make your site accessible to potential clients by understanding your demographics and altering the site's design and information architecture accordingly.

Search Engine Visibility: Here comes the role of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can adjust and inculcate your site’s content in order to Make it more relevant to the search engines through the use of keywords and the like. SEO allows you to make you products and services even more visible to clients. You can also choose to pay for ad space on the search engine or advertise through different blogs.