Friday, 13 February 2015

5 Reasons to Buy Local Hand Made Indian Products

India is a home to a wide variety of handcrafted items in artists’ studios, factory showrooms, department and hardware stores in all the important cities. You can buy these hand-made products for your own-self or as a token of love for your near and dear ones. More people are getting conscious regarding personal and business practices that are Eco-friendly, planet sustainable and green. We are looking closer at the smaller things that can make a positive impact on our life on this planet for both the present and the future. By implementing these small changes in our lifestyle choices we can have a positive impact on the health of our planet in a great way.

  1. Traditional craft men are trained in their art for many years and they acquire skills and pass them from generation to generation. They are professional in their field and are innovative to bring more new features to their products. It is good to see that some ancient craft making techniques are still being followed without many changes.
  2. Most Hand Made goods are of a more qualitative nature, which means you, will have them for years to come. If you are trying to save money, a better quality product, even at some extra cost, will eventually save you money in its keeping. Cheap is always expensive!
  3. Supporting your local craft and hand-made community will produce more jobs for the unemployed. Simply, the more people buying hand-made products the more people will make hand made products. As the demand for more qualitative, locally sustained, hand made goods the greater the supply, and the greater the increased competition, the greater a competitive price will follow.
  4. Most of the local artisans and craftsman still prefer to use local based products. They aren’t relying on much gas fueled shipping as well as foreign harvested raw material which in turn helps to grow the value of Indian currency ans is also more environment friendly.
  5. Craftsman take pride in the quality of their products. When a craftsman creates an item, you can be rest assured of the time, talent, thought and energy that goes into its creation. Great effort has gone into each individual piece-making certain every one is lovely and of the highest quality and brings positivity to your home.
So, as much as possible we should buy and support our traditional ways of making things to keep up the spirit of the craftsmen and contribute to the mother nature in a positive way.

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