Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Innovative Cement Technology

It gives us an immense pleasure to announce that we (Navrattan Blue Crete Industries Private limited) our the first ones to welcome a total new and innovative technology in construction material in india.Well the big news is that we have been approved as the first and the only venture in india to hold the license to Blue World Crete Cement Technologies, USA. The news came early october and since then the last trimester of the year has been really occupied and busy. 

Well here i would like to talk about this technology. It is relatively new in the market but is absolutely innovative. The concrete is made from red mud and its incredible value of minerals can be used to make the best super hydrophobic concrete which can sustain in water , is heat resistant and can last forever.  
Navrattan Blue Crete Industries Private Limited is a Joint Venture Company between Navrattan Free Power Corporation Limited of India & Blue World Crete Incorporation of United States of America.This venture will not only bring a new technology  in India but will open gates to widespread development which will benefit the Individuals, Builders,  Businesses, Governments and a Nation as a whole
At Navrattan Blue Crete (NBC) we are passionate for providing ‘go green ’ solutions to our society as we believe in making the world a better place to live in and leaving a better footprint for our future generations to come.  We’re achieving this through innovation by offering low carbon, environment friendly cement solutions that can help build a better world around us.

Geo-Blue Crete will change the whole concept to conventional building materials that our builders use today. The Geo-Blue Crete is stronger  that a conventional cement and has three times the compressive and tensile strength of Portland cement and requires significantly less energy to produce, thus leaving a substantially smaller carbon footprint. High performance green buildings built with green materials like Geo-Blue Crete use less, waste less and produce less green house gas emissions than conventional buildings. The Blue Crete Cement  is environment friendly, sustainable, reliable, durable and affordable

Himansh Verma

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