Friday, 27 December 2013

Blue Crete Cement - Innovative Cement Technology

After years of research scientists have invented a new type of cement that is a cross breed of Geo-Polymer and Nano-Ceramic cement. Geo-Blue Crete is a complete low carbon alternative that looks, acts and works like Portland cement but has three times the compression and tensile strengths of Portland cement. It can be distributed in the same way, with the same equipment, at a low manufacturing cost.

This new age cement is a one-part system that only requires a simple paddle mixing of its powdered chemical formula at ambient temperatures. The manufacturing process is not dependent on fossil fuels or large kilns. However, its delivery system remains the same as OPC and the product itself results in a high performance concrete at 6000 psi and over. It is water retardant, acid retardant, discourages the oxidation of rebar, and has a near zero coefficient of expansion, which makes it excellent in below freezing temperatures as well as in tropical regions. It does not transfer heat very well, which makes for great insulating properties – and, most importantly, it is made of post-industrial waste.

Geo-Blue Crete products can also be transformed into a fluid spray or pumped material, known as Geo-Blue Coatings. Among numerous other applications, these products can be utilized in road construction and repair. The methodology can easily take advantage of indigenous materials excavated from the road site itself, which become part of the final mix. This resulting site mixture results in a superior and inexpensive product methodology for the construction of top grade roads. The products also reflect heat, have a low coefficient of expansion, and are fire retardant and highly resistant to acid, water and salt.

Geo-Blue Coatings can be sprayed on rebar and other metal structures, and retards the oxidation of metal. It can also be sprayed and painted on almost any surface as a heat protective Geo-polymer coating.

Himanshu Verma

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  1. I'd love to build my garage foudation with this stuff!