Monday, 26 December 2011

Passion & Power

The new Range Rover Sport is what I am experiencing these days. Was in a meeting when I received call from the Land Rover showroom in Ludhiana that my SUV is all ready to be taken home. I didn’t waste even a single minute and rushed to the showroom with my Uncle to feel and drive what I have desired for long. And here I am experiencing the excellence of technology, comfort and power.

Off-roading is among the best you can experience in something so large, something so expensive. Between its Terrain Response traction control and Adaptive Dynamic suspension controls, the Range Rover delivers massive talent in mud and muck, with ground clearance and approach and departure angles for the most serious off-roading you'd want to attempt in a car this expensive.

The cabin is a comfortable place to be in because the seats are widely adjustable and even the steering. However, the huge wing mirrors do obstruct forward view and the short squab of the rear seats isn’t ideal, but apart from that, this is a great cabin to be sat in. The legroom is huge and so is the headroom.

Push the engine start button and you’ll be surprised by the lack of clatter from the 2.2 liter four cylinder diesel. The engine remains impressively refined even near it’s redline. The 2179cc engine makes 187bhp and 42.8kgm of torque and the motor delivers this power in a nice, linear manner.

The toughness built into the hardware is matched with safety and luxury features required in its class--adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitors and a rearview camera are offered, a 19 speakers audio system, and a choice of wood and leather finishes.


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